There was once a peaceful harbor by the sea. In Canada, a very beautiful woman, whose occupation was to serve the pilots arriving at the best recreation sites around the country… his name was “YE”. Every evening, Ye would the port to watch the skies for hours, dreaming of her hero… a charming pilot one day come to rescue her; Someone who made her feels free, light… and lead to endless blue skies.

While doing his show one night, she saw it… the stand out from the crowd. Met, his name was Giovan… was love at first sight…

Ye invite Giovan aboard his new plane and look off toward the blue together heaven breathtaking magic, there they found freedom, were so happy they became ONE… since friends of heaven refer to them as “GIOVANYE”.

Giovan was complete and was conducted Ye; together shone even today, people see in those beautiful Canadian sunsets cruising heaven… living their endless love story.